When Can Inclement Weather Damage Your Retractable Awning in Kenmore?

retractable awnings kenmoreAfternoon showers, gusts of wind and unexpected thunderstorms are common, especially as the seasons change. While these conditions rarely cause damage to your home, they can be hard on your retractable awning. While well-built and sturdy, awnings and shades aren’t intended to be left open during inclement weather. They’re designed primarily as a shade device and will last a lot longer if you treat them properly. Take a few moments to secure your unit if you anticipate any of the following:


Never leave your retractable awning extended if gusts are expected. These can cause significant damage in a short period of time. To help prevent accidents from happening, it’s a good idea to have motors installed so you can respond quicker when winds pick up suddenly.


While a retractable awning is actually a great way to protect your family from a light rain, significant amounts of water will cause damage. How much is too much? Generally, if you notice the fabric of your unit beginning to pocket water, it’s time to pack it up and move inside. 


With winter right around the corner, this one will become particularly relevant soon. Snow can become very heavy, especially in excess. This can put extra stress on your awning. Freezing of the various gears can also make it more difficult to adjust later and, if forced, may result in parts breaking.

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